fritz frames

modular retail exhibition stand

Conceptual Design

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CNC / Laser Cutting Production Files

Assembly and Arrangement Drawings

CAB ROTO was approached by local eye wear brand, Fritz Frames, to design a new exhibition stand for their handcrafted, high end eye wear range.

Fritz, the brand’s designer / maker, had been creating custom displays for previous exhibits which, though beautiful, were time consuming to fabricate, difficult to transport and time consuming to set up and pack down.

The brief was to create a display that housed a larger collection, including other brands under Fritz Distribution, that could be set up quickly while retaining the aesthetic connection to the brand’s handcrafted roots.

Working closely with the client, CAB ROTO proposed a highly flexible, modular design to facilitate alternate layout options ensuring an attention grabbing exhibit no matter the footprint, orientation or direction of traffic.

The CAB ROTO team’s extensive experience producing files and programs for CNC machines and laser cutters proved invaluable, eliminating the requirement for a middleman between design and production.

The ultra thin, low cost plywood panels were machined to tight tolerances allowing all components to slot together for a measure free glue up by the client to create strong, lightweight assemblies.

Natural wood tones, black stained columns with backlit signage, crisp photo panels and inorganic geometric form combined to create a striking display. The set up time was reduced to a couple of hours and the product capacity was greatly increased resulting in an elegant design solution embraced by our client.

Check out the Fritz Frames range online.


Photo Credit: Sam Wong