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All Terrain Warriors was operating for over a decade relying on the memory of individual tradespeople and external manufacturer's drawings, Sunshine Coast Based motor body building company ATW contacted CAB ROTO for documentation guidance.


After brief assessment, it was clear that the company required a full inventory of internal and external parts, and CAD office standards for working drawings for their metal fabrication shop, fibre-glassing shop, fit out shop and the parts and accessories store.

Design Case Study...

All Terrain Warriors has over 25 years involvement in the 4x4 Off-Road Truck, 4x4 Motorhome, 4x4 RV and Bus industry and are widely recognised as the world leaders in the conversion and modification of 4x4 Fuso, Isuzu and other larger off-road trucks for both commercial and private use.

CAB ROTO was approached to design a 'drawing tree' to enable all staff to track modifications to parts, and their relationship to assemblies. Once on-site it was clear that a drastic shift in the thinking of the management and floor staff was in order.

There was very little in the way of documentation, bills of materials were neglected, and discrepancies existed between the accounting system, and the actual builds.

With over 4000 parts in stock, a lot of faith was put into the memory of the floor staff, who up to this time, had dealt with the task exceptionally well.

But with the slowing of the mining industry, more competitive pricing was in order to keep the business going.

CAB ROTO Designed a parts inventory system with an intuitive front end that;
- automatically generates part numbers using drop boxes to select criteria
- easily locates previously created parts to ensure no lost time duplicating parts, and no lost data
- creates and edits BOMs
- displays all sub-assemblies and parts within an assembly with the option to directly open the shop drawings, cutting files and 3D models
- allows easy searching of parts, and displays and prints single drawings, or all drawings pertaining to a particular assembly
- allows users to zip all 2D and 3D CAD files associated with an assembly for external manufacture, ensuring the most recently modified files are always ordered

Full documentation of parts as 3D CAD models enabled vehicles to be built in the virtual realm, ensuring parts fitted, and simplifying the integration of externally fabricated parts.

These external processes included CNC bending, laser cutting and folding. With models accurate to .01 of a millimetre, fabricators were able to manufacture directly from ATW new 'high standard' drawings. This allowed for cheaper parts as the design was all done 'in house'.

The parts inventory interface and unorthodox revision system designed by CAB ROTO enabled office staff to compile all documents required for external manufacture of a particular part, assembly or kit with the click of a button, knowing that the most up to date drawings will be sent.

A part number generator was designed to work in with existing accounting software to ensure 'meaningful' part names were created, and the part number itself enables users to know where it is located, and what it does.

This system played an integral part in companywide quality control measures and gave the required level of detail for the company to achieve ISO9000 accreditation.


Rendering: CAB ROTO