1582 Coffee Kiosk

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Kiosk Design

Workflow / Ergonomics Study

Furniture / Fixtures / Equipment / Selection

CAB ROTO was approached by a new franchise group comprised of industry heavy hitters to propose a design concept for a coffee kiosk with the intention of roll-out in high end shopping centres throughout Australia.

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After reviewing the branding team’s mood boards, it was clear that the design intent, although thorough, hadn’t fully considered the longevity of the brand’s design, nor the opportunity to create a brand identity that would cut through in a crowded centre and stand out from competing franchise offerings.

We conducted consultation and market study, then compiled an alternate palette which lent an elegant and timeless aesthetic to the brand with strong references to the focal product – deep, dark, earthen tones with decadent accents.

The proposed design took a notable departure from the brief, but the design was presentation was received very well by all members of the board.

After a few workflow tweaks, an equipment costing exercise and collaboration with the in-house graphic designer, the design was taken to tender drawings stage for comprehensive pricing.


Rendering: CAB ROTO